February 28, 1957 – May 21, 1996

Paul Delph, 1957 - 1996


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Paul Delph at Magic Bus recording studio, Malibu CA

Paul mixing a track at Magic Bus Studio, Malibu California, circa 1990.


Paul jumped into the LA music scene shortly before earning his college degree at the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. It was a classic story of synchronicity meeting brilliance. A phone call, a new band, plane tickets for him and his gear, plus the courage to follow his muse. Singer, songwriter, producer, engineer, and studio musician, Paul’s career blossomed in California, New York and London.

Paul formed his first band while in the sixth grade. His first and lasting love was Rock. Years of classical training in piano, voice and trumpet provided a breadth of technique and a depth of expression rarely found in this genre.

Early in a frightening new pandemic, Paul contracted HIV. It did not impact his productive life for nearly a decade. After his diagnosis with AIDS, he continued to work on his Rockin' for AIDS projects until failing health forced a return to his Cincinnati family home in 1996.

Enthusiasm, talent, and an unswerving devotion to his work and friends returned a wide circle of personal and professional respect. The circle grows through scholarships and expanding online connections to his life and times.

Paul’s music and lyrics seamlessly combine power and grace. His insights are timeless, compelling and evocative. Through these works, he will live forever.


CD Cover Art for "A God That Can Dance" by Paul Delph
14 tracks from Paul's final album, A God That Can Dance. We'll post info soon about how you can purchase a CD. CD's are an ancient technology people once used to share music a long time ago. We'll also post links to trusted websites where you can stream it. Please stay tuned.


The Paul Lee Delph Memorial Music Scholarship Fund provides assistance to college-bound Norwood High School students (Paul’s Alma Mater in Cincinnati, Ohio). 

An annual PFLAG scholarship is awarded from the Fund to an LGBTQ+ student through the Cincinnati Chapter of PFLAG. 

We'll post more info soon. Meanwhile, please contact Paul's sister, Linda Arnest to learn how you can help.


Paul Delph legacy photo

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