Dear Family & Friends,

Thanks for your support at the 2018 Caracole AIDS Walk. Your love and generosity helped raise $2,175 for AIDS support services via the PFLAG-Paul Delph team.

Well done!

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I watched the video of Zoo Drive on YouTube and tried to post a comment. It was more than 500 words, so Andy helped me post it this way...

I was on the road with Jimmie Spheeris in Kansas City, circa summer 1982.

Jimmie was playing at the Kansas City Amphitheater and the Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra was playing his music. Toni Basil was on stage and danced to Jimmie's music. I was doing the lights.

Jimmie, me, and the band now known as Zoo Drive were touring the midwest in a huge Winnabago that summer. As we drove around looking for the theatre, we saw a sign that said ZOO DRIVE. It caught Paul's eye and he laughed at how that could be a great name for a band.

Everybody laughed, agreed, and BOOM... Zoo Drive was born.

It was an awesome tour and so much fun. I wish I'd had a video camera so I could share it all. The things that went on... my goodness! Brilliant.

There was me doin' lights, Jimmie, Paul, Tony Braithwaite on sound, Ric Parnell, John Goodsall, Paul Marcus, and Doug Lunn.

Tony Basil only did the first gig in KC and had to fly home... it was summer and hotter than hell... in more ways than you can imagine.

Paul Delph: Lost Track

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